My collection

  I began my collection in 2003 when I was on holiday in Tunisia. At the restaurant, the water bottles were wet and the labels removed easily. It is at this moment that I decided to collect them. So, my first label was Tunisian: Jektiss.
  In 2007, I discovered, surprised, websites of collectors (called “aqualabelophiles” in French!). Then, I have decided to create my own website. Then my collection increased because I could make many exchanges.

My website
The labels are classified according to the country of the spring and in each country in alphabetical order of the marks.
For France, I put the labels that come from supermarkets in the category “Sélectionné par”. The category "Outre-Mer" is for labels that come from the French Overseas Departments (like Guadeloupe or Réunion).

  One of the goals of my website is to make exchanges. You can see the doubles which I have in the category “Doubles”. I am used to exchange my French labels against labels of your country, and those of the rest of the world against labels of foreign countries. Of course, they are not fixed rules and arrangements are possible!

If you have any question, remark or if you want to make an exchange, contact me by e-mail:

                     Good visit!

                                   Céline LAURENT




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